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In 2018

we launched Simploud, our innovative, state-of-the-art quality management software. In the past, companies have had to use different solutions (paper-based, electronic, or a combination of the two) to manage quality, content, and employee training. Having several interconnected complex systems can lead to errors, and the process of reconciling disparate platforms can be expensive and time-consuming.

Simploud changes all of this. By using our new technology-backed implementation methodology, you can streamline your multifaceted quality processes. With Simploud, you’ll achieve cost efficiency along with best-in-class functionality and usability. Simploud is the first Software as a Service that automates quality processes to reduce costs and improve compliance performance. It provides a comprehensive, 360-degree solution to the challenges of quality implementation. At Simploud, we’ve innovated what SaaS can do by reducing the expenses—while improving the outcomes—of implementing and maintaining quality software. We think you’ll see the difference in your bottom line.

Simploud is robust enough to manage all of your company’s quality processes, and versatile enough to provide unparalleled accuracy for your specific needs. You can choose the template that best fits your goals. You’ll find a range of templates for Quality Events (Deviations, Out of Specification and Out of Trend), Change Control, Audits, Complaints, CAPAs, Documents and Document Revisions, Training, Risk Management, and Vendor Management.

Every template provides you with complete flexibility of path, fields, layouts, reports, rules, and automation for each of the solutions—and no manual work is needed to update the validation materials. Simploud also allows you to manage all parties (you and your suppliers) in a single view so that you can ensure accuracy, identify and resolve issues across all touchpoints, improve resolution time, and realize your ultimate goal of delivering safer products to the world.

By having all parties, (you and your suppliers), on a single view, you can be accurate, quickly identify and resolve issues across all touch points, improve resolution time and meet the ultimate challenge of delivering safer products to the world.

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