Bills of Materials

A centralized solution to help you release batch faster and with increased compliance. Record tests online, submit to QP approval and release batch at a click of a button.

Real-time insights into your release

Customizable dashboards that provide a complete overview of the current status of batch testing and release. Pin them to your home screen or even subscribe to read them in your daily commute.

Batch record dashboard.jpg

Create and execute tests

Easily create test protocols, execute tests from within the batch record, and maintain perfect traceability between batch and test results.  

Testin form.jpg

Create deviations at a click of a button

Create new Deviations or link existing ones to your test runs. Maintain full traceability between test step and a related deviation.

Creating Deviation.jpg

Streamline QP approval and release batch!

Route the batch record for QP approval. Release, quarantine, destroy, or retest a button at a click of a button!

QP approval.jpg