Change Control

Changes are part of life and are an opportunity to grow and improve. The trick is to implement Change Requests without causing negative impact to your business. Simploud will help you go through the necessary process of planning and approving the change as well as help you monitor its implementation.

Monitor Progress with a Customised Dashboard

Customisable dashboards that provide a complete overview of the current state of Change Requests will help you avoid overdue changes. Pin them to your home screen or even subscribe to read them in your daily commute.

Change Dashboard.jpg

Fully Customizable

Use Simploud's out-of-the-box Change Request process or build your own. Track the information  and process steps according to the needs of your quality program and policies

Built-in Risk Assessment 

Identify and log risks and hazards related to the Change Request. Plan and assign the appropriate mitigation activities, and ensure a successful implementation.

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Trace Affected Items

Link the Change Request to the items affected by the change, such as product, document, training material, and more

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Approve and Track the Action Plan

Manage your action plan using Simploud's integrated project management capabilities. 

Action Plan.png

Approve and Track the Action Plan

Create and approve the action plan of the Change Request, including pre / post implementation activities as well as other types of tasks. Monitor action plan completion for a speedy implementation of the change.

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