Enable your customers to easily log Complaints in Simploud community portal, chat with them within Simploud to get a better understanding of the issue, and use Simploud's advance investigation tools to identify root cause, to determine reportability, and to respond to customers. Let us help you close complaints faster.

Complaints Logged Directly by your Customers

Save valuable time and reduce complaints management overhead by communicating with your customers online in a user-friendly and compliant portal. Enable your customers to log and stay informed about their Complaints, and respond to them within your customer service portal.  

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Streamline  Cross-Team Collaboration

Assign investigation, analysis, and response tasks to team members, and monitor their progress for a speedy resolution of the issue. 

Built-in Root Cause Analysis Tools

Identify root cause using built-in analysis tools such as 5Ys, 5M+1, and more, or create your own method of your choosing.  

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Project management capabilities

You can sequence tasks anyway you'd like and approve action plan to initiate automatic project management for every record.

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Decision Supporting Tools

Perform reportability assessment and other evaluations using built-in or customised decision trees. Replace your checklists, questionnaires, and forms with Simploud's user friendly, highly customisable, smart eForms. 

Monitor Progress with a Customised Dashboard

Customisable dashboards that provide a complete overview of the current state of Customer Complaints will help you avoid overdue Complaints. Pin them to your home screen or even subscribe to read them in your daily commute. 

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