Controlled Documents

A single location for drafting, approving, training, and maintaining procedures and documents

A Single Repository for all Effective Documents 

Save time for your employees by providing them a single location for all their procedures, forms, and other controlled documents. 

Group Documents Anyway You Want

Use the document's metadata to group them in the order of your choosing. Easily review all SOPs, forms, and documents by their type, owner, effective date, and more. 

Draft, Review and Approve Documents 

Streamline document creation, review, and approval process. 

Link Documents and Maintain Traceability

Link procedures in a click of a button to their forms and checklists. Easily access related documents and identify affected documents.

Easy Revisioning and Maintenance

Always have a single effective version in place, with Simploud's automated revisioning engine controlling revision number and location of obsolete revisions. 

Simploud's built in document maintenance tools will remind you when it's time for a periodic review. 

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