Prof. Roger Kornberg

Roger is an American biochemist and professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University School of Medicine. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006. His industry collaborations include  partnerships with companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals, ChromaDex, OphthaliX, Protalix Bio Therapeutics, Pacific Biosciences, and others.

He holds a PhD in Chemical Physics from Stanford and a BA in Chemistry from Harvard University.

Jack (Tato) Bigio

Tato is the co-founder and the CEO of UBQ. Prior to UBQ, Tato co-founded and managed Merhav Renewable Energies (MRE) which was successfully sold in 2008. In addition, Tato was the President and CEO of Ampal-American Israel Corporation which is traded in NASDAQ.

He is a member of the Board of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

He holds an MBA and BA in Business from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Alon Podhurst

Alon has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise sales, having served on executive teams with Comverse, Telmap (sold to Intel), Ecoppia, Windward and Cognata. He has extensive experience with selling cloud-based and on-premise solutions.

Alon is currently the CEO of DriveU, a teleoperations platform for remote operation of vehicles.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD and an LLB in Law from Tel Aviv University.

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Sagie Twig


Sagie’s experience in designing quality solutions is unique. His technical knowledge backed by his deep industry understanding was instrumental in Simploud’s creation. He worked for the solutions consulting group in Sparta Systems where he was a key player and the driver behind many of the quality solutions developed. Sagie constantly learns changes to regulations and designs innovative solutions to comply with them.  


He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering.

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Tamir Podhurst


Tamir has extensive experience in the EQMS world. He was a senior manager at Sparta Systems, where he helped many companies operating in the regulated space to develop and utilize their quality programs. His experience with the compliance risks inherent in complex systems provided an inspiration for Simploud—the first Software as a Service that uses technology at all project touchpoints to simplify and improve compliance for regulated industries.

He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering.

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Lessons learned from years of eQMS implementations worldwide

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